A Week of Everything

Seven Days…alot can happen in that short time span. A lot can run through your mind, and a lot can wear you out. It has been one week since I met an amazing woman who has everyone I work with and all of my friends asking , “Who is it that has had this effect on ya?” Though some things have rattled my cage this week, it has been one of the best weeks that I can remember recently. It is quite strange to have family and friends already asking about someone who I have only been out once with, I guess it has made a difference in what others have noticed! Seven days is also an eternity when you liked seeing someone and are waiting for the next time.

I’ve also reached Page 180 on Bk4 of Marky, Slash & Levy. It is hard to believe that with only 25 (or so) pages left in the story that I will soon find myself staring at the last page for what seems like an eternity as I make that last period permanent. I am so very proud of this series and hope that one day someone else will see its potential and turn it into something that children all over will love to be a part of!

As for the final day of the week, I did the usual Sunday thing, laundry. I also got to perform a hobby of my, car detailing. I went to my father’s farm and spent four hours detailing (inside and out) his monster of a truck. This truck is enormous! But when you all horses all over God’s creation it takes a big truck. There is something about going to my dad’s and detailing vehicles, especially when I am alone and have the radio cranked up and only dogs, cats and horses as my audience. The end result is a joy that helps me relax.

I have ended my week with a great night of writing, which was preceded by the middle finger from an inconsiderate driver. Oh well, let them have the wreck!

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