Princess Cimerron is made aware

Marky, Slash, Levy, Nelty & Kelso explain the events leading up to their arrival into the Powder Troll community. They tell Princess Cimerron that Quaker and the Mirrormite Army was in the Land of Nothing, searching for a piece of the Stone of Affadavis so that he could unlock the Doomsday Device. Princess Cimerron has never heard of the Doomsday Device and is curious as to what Quaker plans to do with it.

The five travelers take turns telling her that Quaker plans to resurrect the Rockmite civilization to conquer all of Mavenwood. Fear spreads across the community! Princess Cimerron tells of the stories she was told as a little one about the dangerous Rockmites. She believed it was nothing more than stories until now. When she questions how Quaker will use the Rockmites, the five travelers ask about any odd changes in the landscape. The Princess takes the five to a large opening in the ground, just outside the community that strongly resembles the one they saw inside  Mortere Prairie.

Marky, Slash & Levy tell the Princess that the openings are gateways into the underground caverns known as Underwood which will allow the Rockmites to reach the surface once resurrected!

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