Just For The First Time!

For The First Time...

To say that this week was horrible would be extremely inaccurate! I do have to say that it had one of the most wonderful beginnings of the many I have had in my lifetime thus far. On a beautiful Sunday evening, I went to a local national monument and sat on the large granite steps and waited. I then received a text message that read, “Had to stop at DQ to get a Mt.Dew, be right there!” With the light wind blowing in my face as I sat in the shade of the large monument, I felt my stomach begin to tighten. Excited, I waited.

It would not be long until what I was waiting for was within sight. Heading towards me, I stood up and began to walk halfway across the courtyard. Then, there I was, standing in front of a beautiful,young, blonde-haired woman and two absolutely adorable, young, brown-haired girls.

Then she says, “Ok, go and play, but stay where I can see you!” Off the girls ran to play together.

We both sit on a stone bench under the shade of a maple tree and begin to talk. Covering such subjects as life, work, children and goals, we talked and talked. I found myself thinking, “What a nice time!” I watched as she talked and laughed. I smiled as I saw her play with her hands out of nervousness. I laughed as she received a text stating, “We can hear our echoes!”

It was strange to be talking with someone who knew what I was going through and thought. I was intrigued at how two lives mirrored one another in so many ways. To say the very least it was a true case of serendipity.

As the time passed by and the moment was ending, as an act of kindness, I invited to take her home. She accepted! Where one had arrived, four had departed, all the while nervous hands sat in a lap while playful hands played in the back. Once at our destination, I said goodbye and watched as she walked away.

Scared? You better believe it! Happy? Better put stock in that one! It’s just like the old saying, “Doors close so others can open.”

And it was all just for the first time…

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