Marky, Slash & Levy meet Princess Cimerron

Upon entering the Land of Nothing, Kelso leads Marky, Slash, Levy and Nelty into his village. The travelers immediately begin to draw a crowd. Upon reaching the center of the village the five travelers are bombarded with questions pertaining to their travels. When Levy announces that they have come from the Palace of the Collective Council, the large crowd began asking questions tied to the Mirrormite Army that had once been there searching for the Stone of Affadavis. Kelso says that he and his friends are seeking their overseer, Princess Cimerron.

The crowd calls for the Princess and she comes forward to greet the travelers and praise Kelso for his escape and survival. Kelso explains that he has brought his friends into the village with grave news. It is then that Marky, Slash & Levy begin to explain plight that is unfolding.

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