Batteries Not Included

From the day we are born, there is no instruction booklet on life. When there is a problem or a great situation, there is nothing to tell us, “Do this, don’t do that.” I am thinking a lot about the past and about how cautious I had been. Always figuring that their might be a road block ahead or a setback just around the corner.

Lately, it has been very much the opposite. I don’t particularly want a manual or help button. I find myself taking in the moments and appreciating them. Many people go through life fearing what is right and what is wrong you know? They worry about what one thing or one action might look like to others. Well not me!!

With everything that has happen in my life this year, I find myself smiling, happy, proud and damn excited. Ready to through it all into the air and see. When life says, “Batteries not include”, just use the cord and plug right into life!

2 thoughts on “Batteries Not Included

  1. Now this is good stuff……………I like the new attitude much better than the old one….. and in my opinion it is transferring over to the book…….keep up the good work, for there is no end to doing good……T

    • Take some credit man, you are one of the people who have influenced me this year!! You are more of an inspiration than you will ever know T. I am proud to have you as a friend and to know you as an artist!! Cheers!

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