A Very Pleasant Distraction

A month ago if someone had asked me if I had any one person on my mind, I would have happily said NO. I had my little house, my three amazing sons, all of my bills paid and my writing. A month ago, that was all I needed.

Then life introduced me to someone.

What once seemed good enough, now seems like one more thing is missing. Scary, heck yes! Exciting, there is not a word to describe a feeling for that answer! Two people who are finding out that their paths almost mirror one another decide to through the caution to the wind and find out just how much they do mirror one another?!

The last week I have smiled more than I have in many years. Not just a simple little smile, but one so genuine that others instantly notice it and comment on how they missed that smile. It is because of this, my writing has been missing from the blog for a couple of days, that and being very busy.

To quote someone, “When life says give up, Hope whispers ‘Just one more time.'”

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