You Want to Care

I recently found out some news from a friend that she has had a really rough day with an event that has happen to her. I found myself instantly wanting to offer help in any way possible. I’m recently divorced with children of my own and try to put myself into her shoes. But not knowing one another that well at al leaves one only able to offer the help if need and to let her know that it is always there.

After hearing that it was harder to write with it on my mind but I did get another good page down. Now all I can do is hope that everything is alright…

One thought on “You Want to Care

  1. It might sound foolish but I think about you alot, you’ll find out if you get to know me, that what you see is me, their is nothing hiding in the closet so to speak! It came from the heart, sounds silly coming from a man, but who cares!

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