A Gentle Confrontation

As night rolls on, Captain Crig and the Mirrormite soldiers have grown tired of being underground for so long a time. With only the Rockmite leader, Raygard present, (the others returning to darkness to prepare for battle), Captain Crig tells Quaker that they have been underground long enough. Quaker, at first pays no attention to Captain Crig, then asks the Captain if he would rather give up all that was promised to him then to be patient and wait. Even more angry, but knowing he and his soldiers could quickly become outnumbered again, he only stares at Rayguard, who is growing a sinister smile upon his face. It is clear now the two have a growing distrust for one another.

Captain Crig then orders his soldiers to return to the surface and begins to make his way towards the long stairs up. Quaker then reminds him that the solders sent to retrieve the Stone of Lydia are to bring the stone to him. He tells Captain Crig this with a slight smile on his face, but with a grave tone in his voice as if warning him against keeping the stone for him.

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