They grow so fast…

Today I went with my ex-wife and took my oldest son Lynden, who is 8, and my 3 !/2 year old, Ethan to school this evening to sign the two of them up for school. Ethan will be starting Pre-K, while Lynden will be heading into the third grade. Funny, it seems like only yesterday that I held both of them, each, for the first time in my arms! I never would have thought that they would grow up so quickly, I don’t remember growing up that fast when I was a child, gosh, I thought it took forever!

Busy it was, and  adventures we had. Nonetheless, I would not trade my sons for all of the success in write I could stand!! What started out as a good day, turned slightly sour before ending good again, all in all I would say that makes it great…!

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