Rest in the Land of the Rock Gods

After a very long day of hard traveling, Marky, Slash, Levy, Nelty & Kelso stop inside the Land of the Rock Gods for a much-needed break. It is now late at night and they all agree that they must reach the Land of Nothing by the end of the new day. There they well go their own ways with Nelty and Kelso heading to the ice city of Artonia to warn High Priest Frost of Quaker, while Marky, Slash & Levy head into the land of Nightvania to search for the Heatseeker.

Upon completion of their rest, Slash notices that Nelty and Kelso are quickly asleep. Marky and Levy agree that they too are very tired and would be too exhausted to carry their sleeping friends. They agree to set up camp within a group of large and small rocks, proving a safe haven from any danger. Slash starts a small fire to keep Nelty and Kelso warm from the cool night air as Marky, Slash & Levy force sleep onto themselves out of concern that sleep may not come again for some time…

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