Whisper’s confession…

As night sets in Mavenwood, Mutter begins to politely poke at why Whisper seems to have a chip on her shoulder in hopes of making her feel better. Sitting around a fire, he tells her that she must be very proud to be selected to travel back to the Palace of the Collective Council. Whisper begins to explain that Lord Timberknot thinks foolishly of her and that she was chosen in hopes of giving up her attack baton and picking up the skills of a swordsman instead. When Mutter pushes the issue of Lord Timberknot having faith in her, Whisper snaps and assures Mutter that is not true. Mutter continues talking about her lord when Whisper notifies him that Lord Timberknot is not her lord!  Mutter then asks if she is not a true Sundrie. Whisper said that she is true but she knows from good measure that Lord Timberknot does not favor her in any way. Mutter then questions, politely as ever about Timberknot not being her lord. Whisper then replies, “I do not call him my lord…, because I call him my father!!!”

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