Serendipity is a word meaning “The act of discovering something wonderful, especially when you are not looking for it”. That word has taken on a meaning here lately for me. Since my divorce, I have been happy with a life that consisted of my three wonderful sons, me and my writing. As my ex-wife has moved onto someone who makes her happy, I have been happy to come home to me, myself and I, and for four months that has work out rather fine. Then last month I ran into someone.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting too detailed because their really isn’t much to detail. I’ll just say that meeting this woman has me somewhat on cloud nine. Maybe it is because she appears to be a wonderful mother, maybe it’s because of our so too similar interests or maybe it is the beyond me reason!? I do know that this has me in very uncharted waters, scary but also very exciting.

I’ll end by saying, Serendipity…what a crazy little word!

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