Sitting here, I am confused to no end. I started my day not feeling very well and went to work anyway. Ny noon my head felt so congested and my headache had gotten bad enough that every time the telephone rang I closed my eyes from the hurt it caused. I am rarely ever gone from work and had plenty of sick time, so at noon I told my boss I was not feeling well and was overcome with the feeling that I was in some form asking for a million dollars, though I appreciate him allowing me to take the afternoon off, I felt as though he didn’t really care and really wanted me to stay and work. Others are allowed to take off and do things, this one time, not feeling well, so was I on a rare occasion. I am glad I did! I took a 45 minute hot shower (until the hot was gone) then to bed. I woke up, felt better and then worked through four more pages of Bk4!

Also I have been asked about the young woman I had the pleasure to meet two weeks ago. I did have a wonderful time and would very much enjoy spending time with her again. However, things don’t always work out exactly the way we might like. As I work a lot of hours a week, so does she. She also has a routine that keeps her insanely busy, that doesn’t allow a lot of down time. To answer a question, Yes, in what I saw on that one evening, I would like see where things go. LOL, its like the old Tom Petty song, “The Waiting is the Hardest Part.”

This week has started off with thoughts on Marky, Slash & Levy and what I would like to happen with the series, basically what I have been thinking about since 2003. These guys deserve to breakout somewhere! I am almost done with Bk4 , I’m guessing 20 pages left?!

I’m ready for change, change with love, change with work, change with Marky, Slash & Levy, I’m ready to climb off of the Drain Train!:)

Return to the Collective Council

Mutter and Whisper reach the Palace of the Collective Council and are escorted by the Guards of Ira inside the palace. Whisper is awe-struck by the scale and scope of the palace and the chaos that is going on around her. The courtyard is overrun with panicked traders and worried gatherers running here and there as news of Quakers plans leak out and cause hysteria.

Mutter and Whisper stand in front of the doors which lead into the Great Hall and notice how silent the palace has become. The once bustling system of hallways and stairs has fallen silent and lifeless. One can almost hear their own breathing. Whisper fears that the silence forecast the doom to be much greater than Mutter had originally thought.

The two brave travelers are invited into the Great Hall and prepare to go before the Collective Council…

A Week of Everything

Seven Days…alot can happen in that short time span. A lot can run through your mind, and a lot can wear you out. It has been one week since I met an amazing woman who has everyone I work with and all of my friends asking , “Who is it that has had this effect on ya?” Though some things have rattled my cage this week, it has been one of the best weeks that I can remember recently. It is quite strange to have family and friends already asking about someone who I have only been out once with, I guess it has made a difference in what others have noticed! Seven days is also an eternity when you liked seeing someone and are waiting for the next time.

I’ve also reached Page 180 on Bk4 of Marky, Slash & Levy. It is hard to believe that with only 25 (or so) pages left in the story that I will soon find myself staring at the last page for what seems like an eternity as I make that last period permanent. I am so very proud of this series and hope that one day someone else will see its potential and turn it into something that children all over will love to be a part of!

As for the final day of the week, I did the usual Sunday thing, laundry. I also got to perform a hobby of my, car detailing. I went to my father’s farm and spent four hours detailing (inside and out) his monster of a truck. This truck is enormous! But when you all horses all over God’s creation it takes a big truck. There is something about going to my dad’s and detailing vehicles, especially when I am alone and have the radio cranked up and only dogs, cats and horses as my audience. The end result is a joy that helps me relax.

I have ended my week with a great night of writing, which was preceded by the middle finger from an inconsiderate driver. Oh well, let them have the wreck!

The Final Division

After explaining the unfolding events to Princess Cimerron, Marky, Slash, Levy, Nelty & Kelso note that time is now running against them and that they are unsure how long it will be before Quaker does complete the sequence to the Doomsday Device. Princess Cimerron offers her assistance on behalf of her community. The travelers ask for food to help them finish their journeys. The Princess quickly calls for food, which arrives without haste. The Powder trolls bring two duffel bags to the Princess and fills them with Dwarfwood Berries. When full, the Princess latches them shut and hands the bags to Nelty and Kelso, who put them on, over their shoulders. But knowing the time has come to go two separate ways. Marky, Slash & Levy stare at Nelty and Kelso. Kelso then gives his bag to Slash, who puts it on and syntches it down tightly onto his back. Princess Cimerron tells the five travelers that the Dwarfwood Berries are sweet, very filling, take little drink to swallow and last for many, many days after being pick from their branches.

As a silence falls across the large crowd of Powder Trolls, Princess Cimerron wishes the two parties strong wishes for a safe and successful journey. The five friends then make their way around the large crowd who had been standing around the even larger opening. Once on the other side, Nelty and Kelso wish the best of luck to Marky, Slash & Levy, while the three friends return such wishes back to them as well.

On a promise to meet again, Nelty and Kelso make their way north towards the Cold Climate Region, on their way to the Artic Region and the City of Artonia, while Marky, Slash & Levy turn left and head towards the land of Nightvania in search of the Heatseeker. Out of one original group of seven travelers, there was now nine heroic warriors divided into four separate journeys to stop the forces of evil.

Just For The First Time!

For The First Time...

To say that this week was horrible would be extremely inaccurate! I do have to say that it had one of the most wonderful beginnings of the many I have had in my lifetime thus far. On a beautiful Sunday evening, I went to a local national monument and sat on the large granite steps and waited. I then received a text message that read, “Had to stop at DQ to get a Mt.Dew, be right there!” With the light wind blowing in my face as I sat in the shade of the large monument, I felt my stomach begin to tighten. Excited, I waited.

It would not be long until what I was waiting for was within sight. Heading towards me, I stood up and began to walk halfway across the courtyard. Then, there I was, standing in front of a beautiful,young, blonde-haired woman and two absolutely adorable, young, brown-haired girls.

Then she says, “Ok, go and play, but stay where I can see you!” Off the girls ran to play together.

We both sit on a stone bench under the shade of a maple tree and begin to talk. Covering such subjects as life, work, children and goals, we talked and talked. I found myself thinking, “What a nice time!” I watched as she talked and laughed. I smiled as I saw her play with her hands out of nervousness. I laughed as she received a text stating, “We can hear our echoes!”

It was strange to be talking with someone who knew what I was going through and thought. I was intrigued at how two lives mirrored one another in so many ways. To say the very least it was a true case of serendipity.

As the time passed by and the moment was ending, as an act of kindness, I invited to take her home. She accepted! Where one had arrived, four had departed, all the while nervous hands sat in a lap while playful hands played in the back. Once at our destination, I said goodbye and watched as she walked away.

Scared? You better believe it! Happy? Better put stock in that one! It’s just like the old saying, “Doors close so others can open.”

And it was all just for the first time…

Princess Cimerron is made aware

Marky, Slash, Levy, Nelty & Kelso explain the events leading up to their arrival into the Powder Troll community. They tell Princess Cimerron that Quaker and the Mirrormite Army was in the Land of Nothing, searching for a piece of the Stone of Affadavis so that he could unlock the Doomsday Device. Princess Cimerron has never heard of the Doomsday Device and is curious as to what Quaker plans to do with it.

The five travelers take turns telling her that Quaker plans to resurrect the Rockmite civilization to conquer all of Mavenwood. Fear spreads across the community! Princess Cimerron tells of the stories she was told as a little one about the dangerous Rockmites. She believed it was nothing more than stories until now. When she questions how Quaker will use the Rockmites, the five travelers ask about any odd changes in the landscape. The Princess takes the five to a large opening in the ground, just outside the community that strongly resembles the one they saw inside  Mortere Prairie.

Marky, Slash & Levy tell the Princess that the openings are gateways into the underground caverns known as Underwood which will allow the Rockmites to reach the surface once resurrected!

A first for me…

A Father/Son moment.Today, I had the privilege of taking my second son to his very first day of Pre-K. He was so excited and could not wait to get to school! As I held his hand and entered the school, neither one of us teared up, we signed in and waited in line. It was quite a moment for me, looking down seeing my little guy looking ahead and behind, all the while holding my hand. That was one of the moments that makes being a father so wonderful.

I asked him if he was excited and he jumped into the air and said “Yes!”

The teacher, like a mother duck with all of her ducklings took the children down the hallway. I walked with my little Ethan holding my hand. Then I said, “Daddy is gonna go.” He looked at me and smiled, “Ok Daddy, bye.” With a kiss from father to son, I watched my little boy make his way down the hall with his class and into school.

So very proud of you son!

Marky, Slash & Levy meet Princess Cimerron

Upon entering the Land of Nothing, Kelso leads Marky, Slash, Levy and Nelty into his village. The travelers immediately begin to draw a crowd. Upon reaching the center of the village the five travelers are bombarded with questions pertaining to their travels. When Levy announces that they have come from the Palace of the Collective Council, the large crowd began asking questions tied to the Mirrormite Army that had once been there searching for the Stone of Affadavis. Kelso says that he and his friends are seeking their overseer, Princess Cimerron.

The crowd calls for the Princess and she comes forward to greet the travelers and praise Kelso for his escape and survival. Kelso explains that he has brought his friends into the village with grave news. It is then that Marky, Slash & Levy begin to explain plight that is unfolding.