A run to get things off the mind

I came home from work with a Pizza Hut P’zone (which wasn’t that bad actually) and sat down to read the newspaper I had bought, after reading the story about a poor little seven-year old boy getting hit by a car and passing away nearby made me think of my three boys, the oldest is seven. At that moment I teared up a little and wondered why little ones get taken? I would gladly go in place of my sons.

Then I looked up to notice it was 6:30 and headed up the street to the high school track for a two-mile run in the heat with to friends from work. After an hour of talking, laughing and sweating, I felt much better and returned home for a cold shower and a couple of hours of writing. One fourth of the way to go, wow!

Before bed I am going to email a gentleman from California who asked about my work. He is in the comic business and works for a media promotions company. I also got an invite to roundtable at the Evansville Indiana Comic Quest and describe Marky, Slash & Levy to some writer and designers, great offer, I will take them up on that!

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