The Silence in my home…

Today it has rained, meaning I didn’t go for my run. About all I did get done was my weekly laundry that I need so I have clothes to wear to work. After watching a movie and eating dinner I sat down to write some more so that I could make it to bed earlier tonight.

I have to say that I have felt slightly wired today and after watching a movie I think the feeling is simple loneliness. I think I am beginning to miss having someone to hold, dopey I know, but really, after four months it feels like I am forgetting already what it is like to hold another in my arms. I am also thinking about how selective I want to be the next time around has me wondering, is what I want really out there? I have to admit that the thought of dating another author is surprisingly appealing, but where I am from that isn’t an overflowing criteria.

So for the sake of it I ask:

Is there a woman out there, divorced with a child or two, who has written a book, or two, or three, sitting out there wondering the same thing?

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