The Second Plan

As Reamy and Zytor make their way towards the Canyon Region, Marky, Slash, Levy, Nelty & Kelso discuss their plans for separation. Levy suggest not parting ways until they reach the Land of Nothing, to which Kelso is overjoyed since that is his home land. Kelso tells the others that it is safest to cross the Tapa River than try to cross at the beginning of Vitaire Canyon with is very steep and dangerous. Nelty then suggests to Kelso that he and Kelso could travel through the Land of Nothing for a short ways before turning into the Artic Region, a plan Kelso like very much.

As for Reamy and Zytor, they are covering great ground but now hear the sounds of footprints heading towards them. With little cover in Mortere Prairie, they must retreat to a small low-lying area of the prairie and await what ever is coming…

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