Two Mile

After a long morning at work, I managed to get in a two-mile run and the high school track. I have decided to make a promise to myself and get into much better shape. I had gotten close once but my divorce brought that to a grinding halt. After I was finished I felt amazing! I want to do that once a day or at least once every other day.

Now I am so tired I am misspelling words, (thank the Lord for spell check).

2 thoughts on “Two Mile

    • Im not timing myself but my ipod is like my clock, I put my headset on, and I am off in another world. As for my goals dude, I want to be tone, not ripped of freakish, just tone. My knees hurt me in the winter time and I would like to be conditioned enough so that they don’t bother me. I also want to lose the small spare tire around my waist. I want to look like a inshape author, not a slob looking author.

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