First Newspaper Pass

Today as I sat down to look at my email, I saw that one of the newspapers I had written to about my near completion of the M,S&L series had written back. Needless to say I was excited, this paper was a larger newspaper that had thousands of readers. Seven years ago, when I finished Bk1, I tried to have the paper write an article about me and the guys but was turned down, respectfully I need to add, because I did not live close enough to that city, but was told to write them back when the entire series was finished.

Seven years (and almost 1,000 pages) later, I did just that. The email was respectful, yet again, and congratulated me on the series and my achievement with Marky, Slash & Levy. It then went on to say that if I were doing a signing in their area to let them know and they would “try” to put “something” in the paper about it.

Sorry dear paper…Eight years, Four books, almost 1,000 pages and a lifetime of challenges thrown at me…Sorry, but I call that a bit more than “something”, but thanks!

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