The Stone of Lydia

Quaker is told by Raygard that until the third phase of resurrection is complete, they cannot attack the Palace of the Collective Council. Raygard explains that the last phases is completed by the rare Stone of Lydia which will allow the Rockmites to leave the tomb without falling succumb to death yet again.

After hearing a Mirrormite solder talking with Captain Crig, QUaker hears the location of the stone and orders the solder to retrieve it. With the agreement of Captain Crig the solder agrees to the task with two other solders. As they are leaving however, Captain Crig, who had been drawn into question by his own army over his willingness to see the dangerous situation before them, quietly ordered his men to retrieve the stone and return, only not to give the stone to Quaker, feeling that this might be their only leverage at retaining control of the Rockmites…

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