To answer a reader….

I had a reader yesterday ask why I had taken so much time off from Book 4 when it seemed as though I was rolling right along. I always answer back to my readers and guess now is not a good time to break with that.

The truth is that three months ago I separated with my wife of ten years after several events culminated into what (in my eyes) was a total trust breakdown. Having three wonderful sons, it was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life.

I spent the next two months living out of my car. I spent the night sleeping between by brother’s spare room (which was the storage place for the pet food for his many pets), my ex in-laws (who kindly gave me a bed to sleep on), my grandmothers couch,  my father’s horse trailer and on three individual nights, in my car itself. It was difficult to write when some nights I had forgotten to ask anyone and it became to late to take a shower and I went to work in the same clothes and smelled rough.

Mentally, it was like a total meltdown. After a decade of living day and night with one person only to have one night that person is no longer there it is quite a shock to the system. Throw in the welfare of my children and there was nothing left to continue Bk4.

One month ago I was lucky enough to find a little one bedroom house not to far from my sons or my work place. The woman who owns it is very nice and is helping me in ways she will never know. I was finally able to sit back down at my computer and work towards finishing this thing I started in 2003 off.

When I finish Marky, Slash & Levy it will be a  testimate to a writer’s drive. I started with the birth of my first son and have put out almost 1,000 pages through the loss of a job I loved, a foreclosure on the only home I ever owned, my ex-wife being in the hospital, the loss of what would have been my second child, countless jobs, bankruptcy, the passing of both of my grandfathers, the birth of my second and third child, living in rent controlled housing, secrets, divorce and now, learning to live alone.

To Kevin in Ohio, I hope you understand why I had to step aside for a while. I also am glad that you and so many have continued to read no matter what. As for Marky, Slash & Levy, the rejections continue to come but one day my dreams will come true…

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