For What It’s Worth

Today was really a blank day, nothing surprising, but nothing shocking! It was hot but I squeezed in a run and now have to get ready for a shopping day for my sons school clothes tomorrow. I really don’t have anything to write about in addition to my book. I do have a smile today and feel pretty good, the reason, well…just gonna keep that to myself…have a great night to everyone!

Site Discovery

After nearly being seen by the three Mirrormite Soldiers, Zytor and Reamy continue through the prairie. Soon Zytor begins to recognize the are and stops. He then tells Reamy that they are close to the  entrance to the Doomsday Device. Zytor and Reamy both peer through the scope to see that fear become a reality. They are in fact not too far from the Mirromite Army.

Zytor and Reamy feel it would be best to travel slightly out of their way to avid any chance of being seen and captured.

To hot tonight…

With today being one of the hottest days of 2011, and the evening not much cooler, I have sweat dripping off my face as I write this. Even with the AC running full blast it is hot in my little house, so I am not writing tonight and going to bed. My oldest son is spending the night and is laying in bed right next to me trying to sleep with the light of the screen in his face.

Good Night to All,


A run to get things off the mind

I came home from work with a Pizza Hut P’zone (which wasn’t that bad actually) and sat down to read the newspaper I had bought, after reading the story about a poor little seven-year old boy getting hit by a car and passing away nearby made me think of my three boys, the oldest is seven. At that moment I teared up a little and wondered why little ones get taken? I would gladly go in place of my sons.

Then I looked up to notice it was 6:30 and headed up the street to the high school track for a two-mile run in the heat with to friends from work. After an hour of talking, laughing and sweating, I felt much better and returned home for a cold shower and a couple of hours of writing. One fourth of the way to go, wow!

Before bed I am going to email a gentleman from California who asked about my work. He is in the comic business and works for a media promotions company. I also got an invite to roundtable at the Evansville Indiana Comic Quest and describe Marky, Slash & Levy to some writer and designers, great offer, I will take them up on that!

Too Close to Call

In the middle of Mortere Prairie Reamy and Zytor manage to find a low-lying area to hide as the three Mirrormite soldiers, on their way to the Palace of the Collective Council pass though the fog and within ear shot of the two travelers. They over hear the three solders talking about growing distrust between Captain Crig and Quaker. They also catch them talking about their destination and returning to their Captain.

Though Reamy and Zytor must go on, they are chilled in wonder about exactly what their “destination” is…

My Personal Backlash…

Watching my three sons leave tonight was the hardest one yet. Each one came back two or three times to give me a hug and each time it hit me harder and harder. I think tonight is the night for a long-awaited CRY. I miss being able to see them every morning and put them to bed every night, please tell me it will get easier? When my ex has moved onto someone else, I find myself being very selective, not only for my three sons, but for myself as well. I don’t want the first thing willing to come along but the one to take my life to the next level.

This is the first night I have ever said I am ‘NOT’ writing…I think it is time to let the pillow have those tears…

The Silence in my home…

Today it has rained, meaning I didn’t go for my run. About all I did get done was my weekly laundry that I need so I have clothes to wear to work. After watching a movie and eating dinner I sat down to write some more so that I could make it to bed earlier tonight.

I have to say that I have felt slightly wired today and after watching a movie I think the feeling is simple loneliness. I think I am beginning to miss having someone to hold, dopey I know, but really, after four months it feels like I am forgetting already what it is like to hold another in my arms. I am also thinking about how selective I want to be the next time around has me wondering, is what I want really out there? I have to admit that the thought of dating another author is surprisingly appealing, but where I am from that isn’t an overflowing criteria.

So for the sake of it I ask:

Is there a woman out there, divorced with a child or two, who has written a book, or two, or three, sitting out there wondering the same thing?

The Second Plan

As Reamy and Zytor make their way towards the Canyon Region, Marky, Slash, Levy, Nelty & Kelso discuss their plans for separation. Levy suggest not parting ways until they reach the Land of Nothing, to which Kelso is overjoyed since that is his home land. Kelso tells the others that it is safest to cross the Tapa River than try to cross at the beginning of Vitaire Canyon with is very steep and dangerous. Nelty then suggests to Kelso that he and Kelso could travel through the Land of Nothing for a short ways before turning into the Artic Region, a plan Kelso like very much.

As for Reamy and Zytor, they are covering great ground but now hear the sounds of footprints heading towards them. With little cover in Mortere Prairie, they must retreat to a small low-lying area of the prairie and await what ever is coming…