Fiction Fest 2011

Well, after pretty simple flights from Indy to Philly to New Haven, I got to the Tweed airport around six o’clock and was picked up by the, ever so polite, Author Patty Cavelarie. She drove me to the hotel where I had two nights around the conference. The morning started off with a great speech from best-selling Author Eloisa James followed by three well-informed workshops covering several aspects of the industry. As for Marky, Slash & Levy’s three agent pitches, the first one (ok, I’m not naming names) tanked, heck you can’t get em’ all. The second, went off really well, the agent opened her case, handed me her business card and asked for the first fifty pages, how cool! Totally erasing the first pitch, the trip was already worth it.

The third (and final) pitch went off without a single glitch. The agent absolutely loved the pitch! We talked about the entire series. The feeling I took away from that rapore was outstanding! I went in to pitch Book One: THE ADVENTURES OF MARKY, SLASH & LEVY and went into Book Two: THE RETURN OF MARKY, SLASH & LEVY, Book Three: MARKY, SLASH & LEVY Vs. THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE and the near completed Book Four: MARKY, SLASH & LEVY AND THE SEARCH FOR THE HEATSEEKER.

The nice woman filled an entire notebook page with info about M,S&L!! Now it is time to get Book One a run through and line by line go over before sending it to the agency.

To complete a wonderful weekend, I started off by meeting my old school friend, Magician Daniel Lusk, who owns Lusk entertainment group out of INDY. I had a great time and plan to visit him again soon!

To top it off, I had the encounter to sit next to a man about my age named Will Haywood from CRASH COVERAGE PRODUCTIONS. Plan on keeping in touch.

Now just waiting for the flight back to Illinois, should be there about one tomorrow morning, fun fun!`

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