Mutter is assigned Whisper…

Well, I remember finishing a page last night, coming to WordPress and typing the post title, then going to bed. It was not until a short while ago that I realized that I fell asleep right after the title,LOL! For that I apologize to you.

As Mutter tells Lord Timberknot the events unfolding around him, the lord tries to reassure Mutter that the Sundries will be quite fine and could not take sides in the matter. Mutter continues to work against all odds to convince the lord of the dangers. When the lord assures Mutter that the inner wall will hold Quaker long enough that he would grow tired and leave the palace.

Quaker tells Lord Timberknot that Quaker would hold his army outside for as long as it took. Once the Inner wall was down, he would march in and seize the Palace of Dry! With that thought, Lord Timberknot agreed for the first time in Sundrie history, to give aid. The lord then asks the two guards at the door to call for the Sundrie, Whisper, to come down at once.

Mutter is shocked to only have the aid of one Sundrie, but feels that the historic aid in general is a positive sign…

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