With Swords Blazing In The Night…

Thanks to my thoughtful wife for taking an hour and a half out of her night off to let me go to my office to write. Thanks you dear! Being that our work schedules are clashing as of late and I have not been able to stay awake to write a single word has left me feeling like the floor board of a taxi cab. Tonight, instead of midnight, it was 7:30 p.m., awake I brought Mutter to the gates of the Palace of Dry.

Standing in the dark, Mutter starts pleading with a Sundrie guard to allow him in. The guard refuses to let him in and after a back and forth plea from Mutter , to allow him in, and the guard, to simply leave and return in the skylight, which Mutter could not do.

When the guard draws his sword Mutter makes one last plea, stating, “I cannot return to the Collective Council without speaking with Lord Timberknot.” As more guards gather, Mutter fears he might have upset the reclusive Sundries, as the gates begin to open, he fears he is about to be met by an army of sword welding Sundries (though some Sundries are good with a bow and arrow, they are the most agile swordsman in all of Mavenwood) ready to cut him to ribbons. However, a Sundrie invites him in. Talk about a last stand for a timid character, that paid off…

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