Halfway: Book 4…

In case you do not know, the halfway point for every book in this series so far has been marked by page 100 (determined by the fact that I have kept Books 1, 2 & 3 around 200 pages each). Well, tonight, I reach that milestone for the last time in the series. As I completed the page late at night (Midnight I know) I am so tired, my celebration is nothing more than a smile right now. Being 7/8 the way for the last time with Marky, Slash & Levy it is so bitter-sweet.

As the others bed down for the night Mutter reaches the doorstep of the Palace of Dry! Mutter is nervous but determined to complete his mission….

2 thoughts on “Halfway: Book 4…

    • Slash has alot of abilities that he learns of through the series. I love his character very much! Thank You very much for reading, I hope you will return.

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