After work, I immediately went home and showered and changed for the cub scout meeting and Lynden and I were off. The meeting seemed to fly by then back home for some wonderful chicken parmesan. After an hour or so of helping Lynden with his homework, we all had home made popcorn and watched a little T.V., then the boys went to bed. Around 10:30p.m. it was time to head downstairs to write. I began a scene that I have been thinking about for some time now, however, by 11:50p.m. I found myself dozing off, so I will have to work on it some more later. It really sucks getting tired…

Nearing the boundary of The Desert Location, Marky, Slash, Levy, Zytor, Reamy, Nelty and Kelso find there feet burning from the heat of the day. As they are walking, Levy witnesses a small sandwhirl (whirlpool of sand) off in the distance. They continue onward since the sandwhirl is fairly fair off. However, Slash notices the sand beneath his feet is slowly moving every so often. He shows Levy who becomes concerned.

Zytor recognizes this and hollers out for everyone to run. As the seven begin an all out sprint away from the area, the small sandwhirl begins to grow in size and appears to be heading in the direction. Zytor and Reamy, both realize what they are running from.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you, the Hyperwhirl…

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