Back Out There, the first query letter…

Here we go again...

After three hours of carefully planning on what I would say, in hopes of finding success, in my first query letter in almost three years was something I read afterwards and felt very proud of. It was from the heart, yet, to the point. How things turn out, I am not sure, we will just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

After an unexpected evening out by myself, I found myself in the kitchen of a friend to whom I have repeatedly said I would visit. I have been friends with singer T. Warren for almost three years now and have never visited his home. I pulled up, LOL, not realizing I was already spotted, and was greeted at the door by the ageless musician. I was introduced to his stunning wife Pam and began a three-hour storytelling session which had me hooked from the word go.

As a singer T. and Pam told of hard times and the inner peace of personal struggle. I felt like a little boy listening to stories around a campfire. It reminded me that (first hand) it isn’t about how hard one is knocked down, but how many times you can get back up and do it again. I felt a sense of passage of wisdom being handed down from a 60 year rocker to a 32 year writer.

Just keep your fingers crossed….

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