Take me back…won’t ya?

Looking your goal in the face.

Tonight, as I lay here on the floor in my living room, I think back to when I finished my first book, and remember the excitement that I had of completing something that so many put on there “To Do” list, but never do. I remember thinking of how I would “surely” get published by simply sending Book 1 in to a publisher. I began writing every T.V. show to say, “Hey I finished my first book”, LOL, thinking that would work, way wrong.   I spent several hundred dollars in envelopes, stamps, photo copies and gas put “The Word” out there. That was over seven years ago, omg. I hope most authors would agree with me when I say that (to quote and AC/DC song) IT”S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP, IF YA WANNA ROCK N” ROLL! CALGON take me away. Take me back to when I had all of this zest and zip, before the real world of getting published handed out such beating’s. Lol, truth is though, there is no red carpet rolled out for us when we make such personal accomplishments, no one hands us a key to the city and say, “Oh, here, just to show you how much we appreciate your hard work, HERE!” It’s sad that it has to be that way, not just in the world of publishing but in anything you strive for, IT’S HARD, and though I would love to go back and pick of that ‘zest’ again, I have to be truthful in saying that it has made so much of a tougher writer than before. I’m a lot smarter (I think) than I was in 2003, and a lot more of a “road warrior” of sorts, for it. Tonight, I’ll end by saying, “When success is trying to swallow you up, grab it by the neck and say, I DON’T THINK SO!”