Asleep at the wheel…

I had it all planned, I’d have the boys to bed by 10 o’clock, and hopefully be finished writing for the night by 11:30p.m. WRONG! It was 11 o’clock when our second son, Ethan finally fell asleep and I had become groggy by then. I went into my office and sat down in my chair. The next thing I remember was raising my head off of the chair and seeing that it was almost midnight.

Needless to say that by then I was barely out of sleep mode and could not focus to write my own name, LOL. I went to bed without writing. Some people have written me and said that it has to be the winter season and the lack of sun that makes not only me, but thousands of others so tired early.

Oh, how I pray for sun…

One thought on “Asleep at the wheel…

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