Stranger before them…

After a good cub scout meeting, I returned home to find Jennifer at work and my father-in-law heading for home from watching the two  little ones. Then it was a few changes of diapers and nick jr.  Then came bedtime and time to write, (I hadn’t written over the weekend and felt the need to get a scene finished).

Ok, the invisible footprints are from Grainger, the mysterious troll from the City of Tormor, I always figured that Grainger would never leave the ruins of the city but I was wrong, I am surprised that he is in the desert but that is just one of those things that surprises anyone who has ever written anything.

Marky, Slash, Levy, Reamy, Nelty, Kelso & Zytor do not realize that the footprints are Graingers and continue onward, not knowing that he stood right before them! Also, Mutter (on his own journey) realizes that he must return within three to four days to the palace, with or without the help of Lord Timberknot.

Time to Crash!!!!

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