A morning riddle…

The Midwest Writer's expo - Evansville, IN. 2007

I have trouble sleeping some nights, maybe it is from having three little boys or the fact I stay up writing so late with three little boys who always seem to wake up needing something to drink when I just lay my head down for the night?

I could not imagine sleeping in the sands of a desert like M,S & L, let alone waking up in one! The seven travelers do just that. They wake up, stretch and decide that, in a race against time, they must reach the Boundary River at the intersection of the jungle of Hyden and Mortere Prairie. With time, a rare commodity, they begin to take  off when Nelty notices strange footprints in the sand.

Everyone stares for some time at the lone set of footprints. Nelty and Zytor are certain they have seen them before, however neither can place just exactly where. Little do they know that it is in fact, an invisible Grainger standing before them!

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