Gather around the Black Fire…

Last night when the boys finally made it to bed I headed to my office and wrote. It was only half a page though as I myself, being exhausted, fell asleep in my chair only to wake up at 1:00 a.m. and not being able to read my last two sentences at all. “OK”, I said. “It’s time to hit the sack!”

In that half page however, I could see everyone laying in the sand, listening to the night winds as they began. LOL, maybe it was the fact the seven travelers were getting ready to rest that my brain said, “Hey, sounds good for you too!”

I try to imagine sleeping out in the wide open with nothing to hear but a like push of air or the crackle of a woodless fire! I either could, or could not do that, there would be no in between.

Allow me to send a good day to you all!!! L.B.

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