The golden mystic setting of the skylight…

I am always amazed at how the characters, having to endure such epic events, manage to pull the positive from any negtive!

Tonight is my case in point:

Walking across the desert, on their way to becoming split, yet again, Marky, Slash, Levy, Reamy, Nelty, Kelso and Zytor found a silver lining in the form of the setting skylight (sunset to us earthlings, lol). They stop their journey to take in a brief moment of serenity. The golden hue captivates them, even if for only a short time.

Feeling it would be safer to camp at night, the seven hunker down around Nelty’s Black Flame and prepare for sleep, agreeing that it would make it much easier to spot forming Sandwhirls if there alertness is sharp!

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