Mutter’s lone journey…

Unlike the others, Mutter marches towards the Palace of Dry alone and without aid. He begins to show more determination to the cause than when he was first introduced way back in Book 1. Just as Marky, Slash & Levy have grown, so has Mutter.

I sat last night and thought about how he must feel crossing the desert alone and at first thought that it would be too much for him. However, remembering that Mutter has a very positive personality, and after pondering the situation until I almost fell asleep in my new chair, I realized that it is that personality that will push him forward and be his companion on his way to meet Lord Timberknot.

P.S. You know it’s late and you are tired when you try to type words like ‘the’ and only type it like ‘eht’! I have to laugh at that!

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