Thinking of Lord Timberknot

One of the last characters I have to visualize is the guardian of the Palace of Dry, Lord Timberknot.  As I begin again on Bk4 it is becoming clear that of any character I have sat down and “poor boy” sketched out, he is the most difficult because, (LOL) I have been completely wrapped up in the first three books, (that do not mention The Sundries Clan) that I honestly havent imagined them yet.

It’s funny how you plan an entire series out but forget to visualize some characters until you are ready to introduce them.!

I believe I have a rather cool Idea for them, but only time will tell….

One thought on “Thinking of Lord Timberknot

  1. Levi,
    I would think, that coming up with the characters would be as much fun , possibly more than writing the actual storyline. Of course I haven’t ever written a piece of fiction, merely autobiography, and historical. I can see the character in question in someone we are both quite familiar with here. If you struggle with him, write me privately on my home email addy and I will share my interpretation for whatever that is worth. Glad to see you back at work………..

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