Day to day…

Did you ever wake up and think, “I really would like to do this ” but also have to come to the realization that “dream” does not pay the bills right then?

I wake up, usually still tired, (having three children will do that to you). I wake our oldest son up and lay his clothes out on his bed for him and make my way back into the bathroom to get dressed myself. Then to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for a picky seven-year old and pack his lunch. With a (really) fast bowl of cereal, I walk two blocks to work.

Working for a small town hardware store has its pluses. For one, I see some extremely nice people from day-to-day. I have the freedom of going through the day at my own pace, rather than being set to a work routine that is “go, go, go”. I also leave work on deliveries which allows me even more opportunities to escape the dreaded ‘routine’ we sometimes are forced to live in.

I enjoy my job very much, I am not complaining. In today’s job place, I guess I feel thankful to be working in the first place!

As (I guess) with any job there are always things which are allowed to happen with others and not you? Am I right? I spend every work day dreaming about becoming a full-time writer and making Marky, Slash & Levy into modest success. I love my series, and with the completion of my office all but over, I find myself drifting through the day in the land of Mavenwood and realizing I have to make a change!! I want to finish Book Four and send it out to as many book people as possible!

There is a saying I think about almost every day that says, “Define life, or life defines YOU)! Am I wrong to be so determined to take control of the wheel of my own life and not allow it to be run by others who have already done just that?

If anyone has comments, please let me hear them!!

2 thoughts on “Day to day…

  1. Levi, from life experiences that range from the bottom of the heap to near the top of the ladder of success I will only say, one never achieves the goal of doing what is in one’s heart, without risk taking. You can ask for all the suggestions in the world, it will in the end come to your own decision…….do I seek success as a writer, or the safety of working for someone else?

    • I have no doubt you know the truth behind what you said. With your time riding your wave to say I admire you is a mere understatement!

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