The mysterious 9th traveler…

Last night I felt like I was on cloud #9. I sat down at my new wireless keyboard and mouse and wrote a couple of pages. It was more different than I thought it would be given that I was not used to it. My wife surprised me with a 20 inch flat screen which made the experience a wonderfull time.

When I sat down, everything went like clockwork, the storyline was coming along and then IT HAPPEND!

A past character suddenly jumped into the fray and I would be telling a lie if I said I planned it. Without warning I saw invisible footprints heading across the Wabasha Valley and straight towards Marky, Slash & Levy! It is strange how characters seem to dictate how they are written, LOL.

Wishing you all a great day.


P.S. To those hoping to see more of Ebeneezer Hattious in the series, I am bringing him back in Chapter 4!

Gather around the Black Fire…

Last night when the boys finally made it to bed I headed to my office and wrote. It was only half a page though as I myself, being exhausted, fell asleep in my chair only to wake up at 1:00 a.m. and not being able to read my last two sentences at all. “OK”, I said. “It’s time to hit the sack!”

In that half page however, I could see everyone laying in the sand, listening to the night winds as they began. LOL, maybe it was the fact the seven travelers were getting ready to rest that my brain said, “Hey, sounds good for you too!”

I try to imagine sleeping out in the wide open with nothing to hear but a like push of air or the crackle of a woodless fire! I either could, or could not do that, there would be no in between.

Allow me to send a good day to you all!!! L.B.

The golden mystic setting of the skylight…

I am always amazed at how the characters, having to endure such epic events, manage to pull the positive from any negtive!

Tonight is my case in point:

Walking across the desert, on their way to becoming split, yet again, Marky, Slash, Levy, Reamy, Nelty, Kelso and Zytor found a silver lining in the form of the setting skylight (sunset to us earthlings, lol). They stop their journey to take in a brief moment of serenity. The golden hue captivates them, even if for only a short time.

Feeling it would be safer to camp at night, the seven hunker down around Nelty’s Black Flame and prepare for sleep, agreeing that it would make it much easier to spot forming Sandwhirls if there alertness is sharp!

And the night comes…

Tonight, it has been almost impossible to stay awake. I have been sitting here wondering about who might ormightnot be reading these blogs into Marky, Slash & Levy. “Are people interested?” 

I sure hope so because this series has bee my interest since 1997!

As I get ready to head to bed, I think about how the night is falling on Mavenwood and Captain Crig is in a stateof unrest within himself over his ‘gut’ feeling.

It is so strange to be in my own space writing. The past seven years I have grown used to my wife and children sleeping right beside me and now I have a 12 x 12 room all to myself.

As everyone in Mavenwood prepares to rest, so to am I ready to crash!!!


Rising dicention…

Tonight as I wrote, it was clear to me that there was a growing sense of disagreement between Captain Crig and Quaker. Since the discovery of the Doomsday Device, Quaker has gone from being simply reserved an calculating, to obessed and deaf to all others, which has openly angered Captain Crig.

Though Crig is hungry for domination, is he willing to accept it from another who is losing his sanity? (Or so it would seem)

As the forces of good begin to come together, could the forces of evil be on the edge of a seperation?

What do you think? I hope some of you will let me know, I look forward to hearing from you!

Until then,

Mutter’s determination…

I might have said it before but I can’t help but feel for poor Mutter going it alone as he makes his way to the Palace of Dry. But then I  have to remember that in Book 1, Marky,Slash & Levy found Mutter alone in the Malloy Desert playing without care.  I know I would not be able to follow on his path. Mutter has grown some since Book 1 and I have the faith in him to make it to the palace.

Mutter’s lone journey…

Unlike the others, Mutter marches towards the Palace of Dry alone and without aid. He begins to show more determination to the cause than when he was first introduced way back in Book 1. Just as Marky, Slash & Levy have grown, so has Mutter.

I sat last night and thought about how he must feel crossing the desert alone and at first thought that it would be too much for him. However, remembering that Mutter has a very positive personality, and after pondering the situation until I almost fell asleep in my new chair, I realized that it is that personality that will push him forward and be his companion on his way to meet Lord Timberknot.

P.S. You know it’s late and you are tired when you try to type words like ‘the’ and only type it like ‘eht’! I have to laugh at that!

Typing a different way….

You know something, just when I thought my writing was going to be stalled by a spilled coke on the keyboard, spongebob comes to the rescue. Our family has a roll out spongebob keyboard that will serve as my new keyboard until I pick up the wireless one.

It was extremely different to write on but everything went through and worked out fine. Thank You roll up keyboard!