Feels good to start!

Sitting down the desk as I have the last three times, I typed the title page and began the acknowledgements. As I begin to think about who I felt I needed to think but had not in the first three novels. One name was a Jason Craig, I met Jason while I was begining Bk3 (that’s how I prefer to abbreviate Book 1,2,3 & 4) he had just days earlier made a break for himself with a deal to draw for the Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash comic series, though they are two different genres completely, not living apart, Jason has become a friend with good advice and inspiration that proves it is not how small our hometown is, but the size of our determination that measures our success.

Then came Taylor Sly, the young and very talented author of children’s book series, The Catniptopia Chronicles. I had the pleasure of meeting Taylor at a Border’s book signing in Springfield, Missouri. Young, (I believe only 13 then) but extremely talented and full of imagination. He has remained a very good friend and peer in the writing world, whom maybe someday, will co write a story together (we’ll worry about that much later though).

Then there came P. Allen Shidler, my younger brother’s father who has made me feel as if I had always been one of his own. Through some trying times, I cannot even begin to explain how his kindness had effected my life.

And that is were I stopped, simply because of the late hour and the fact I want to continue with a few others.

I have enough details scratched down in my notebook for the first 25 or so pages so I will write as I pen things down. What a rush!

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