Captain Trythorn

Captain Trythorn is a Mariner (a fish that walks like a person). He is the Captain of the pirate ship The Maylee. He is the leader of the Sea Raiders, the group of greedy Mariners who sail with him throughout the Maden Sea plundering their way from island to island.

Captain Trythorn and the Sea Raiders are ordered by The Collective Council to sail MS&L to the remote Island of Nema to collect the sacred Staff of Iten. Though it is a journey that is far from pleasant with a ship full of greedy Mariners.

Standing over six feet tall with a large trianglular shpaed hat with a multicolered feather sticking from it and a long puffy red and white robe, and a catfish face only his own mother could love, Captain Trythorn is an eerie character who does show is true allegance by series end.

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