High Priest Frost

High Priest Frost is an Artog, (Just as is Lord Zytor and Polar & Chill). He is the recognized leader of the Artogs. Though the typical Artog dress is many forms of fur covered parka, High Priest Frost is adorn with a long, white, ice crystal robe. He wears a white crown formed from hardened ice pack, this crown is not for a monarchy purpose but rather to symbolize his magical powers.

As the sole holder with the ability to use ‘White Magic’ as opposed to Lord Zytor’s black magic. High Preist Frost only uses his magic for the purposes of good as white magic can never be used for ill willed meaning, nor can the holder be ill willed at heart.

MS&L are brought to High Priest Frost by Polar. They are taken to the underground ‘Ice Vault’ which holds a missing piece to the legendary Stone of Affadavis.

High Priest Frost is one of the most powerful of all of MS&L’s allies.

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