Polar and Chill

Polar is an Artog (just as is Lord Zytor), he lives in the Artic Edge that divides the Cold Climate Region and the Artic Mountains. He and his family live remotely from others but have a very happy life. Upon MS&L’s arrival to his home, he agrees to take the three friends into the mega ics city known as Artonia to meet with the cities leader, High Priest Frost.

Chill is Polar’s son, he is the one who finds MS&L in the snow drifts of the Artic Edge after their run in with the Terrance Hounds. Quite intrieged by his new found friends, chill has so many questions about where the came from and is not afraid to ask them.

It is because of this young Artog’s bravery that MS&L are forever endebted!

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