Time to write…

First let me say a BIG thank you to everyone for making the views count so high at 1imaginaryfox.wordpress.com! I also want to say I have finished with the weblogs about M,S&L, Mavenwood and all of the characters of the series. This week I will sit and begin the fourth (and final) book in the series. Be sure to check the blog site as I take a day by day look at the writing of Marky, Slash & Levy and the Search for the Heatseeker!

Thanks Again!

L.B. 🙂

Regions of Mavenwood: The Desert Location

Terrain:   Desert, brown sandy soil.

Inhabitants: The Sundries. (Wingless Pixies)

Climate:   Extremely hot days. cool nights.

Landmark:   The Palace of Dry.

(Special Note):   Though the Palace of the Collective Council is located in the Desert Location, it is its own self governed state and is not a part of The Desert Location.

Regions of Mavenwood: The Canyon Region

Terrain:   Barren land cover with a red hard rock surface. Sparce vegetation.

Inhabitants:   Morts and Firestarters.

Climate:   Slightly warm days and nights with mostly clear skies.

Landmark:   Vitare Canyon.

(Special Note):   While the deepest section of Vitare Canyon, known as ‘The Dark Valley’ (home of the Firestarters) is often thought of as seperate from The Canyon Region, it is not recognized by the Collective Council and remains a part of The Canyon Region.