Members of the Collective Council Pt. 3 – Randor/Gecko the Great & King Salizon –

Over six feet tall, a long black cloak and a crome plated face sheild, King Salizon, from the Swamp of Gret Loss and a member of the Dark Guards, is the most demanding of any of the Collective Council . An associate of the ill will members, Salizon is very persuasive and often can convince Tram and Hanger to his side to get his way. Though he does not untter a single word, others know what he is saying thanks to the light, but loud breaths that he takes instead. His personality is very smooth and calculated. Often known to slam his fist to the table when not granted his wish, King Salizon will eventually and peacefully respect the others wishes.

Randor not only the leader of the Tree Talkers, he is also the head of the Collective Council. Often the tie breaker in many votes Randor is a firm fixture on the Collective Council. To learn more check out Randor’s blog posted earlier.

Gecko the Great is the eldest of the all the members of the Collective Council. One who has gained much wisdom, he is often sought for his suggestions. Though he is for all things good, he has, on rare occassion sided with King Salizon. To read more about Gecko the Great check out Gecko the Great’s blog posted earlier.