Members of the Collective Council Pt. 2 – Hanger & Tram –

Hanger is a Sundrie (or hermit like trolls) who represents the region known as the Desert Location. At five feet tall this brown skined troll looks as though he is always in a sour mood but is more pleasant that than looks tell.

Though he tends to side with the good will members of the Collective Council, Hanger can and does withut warning, side with the ill will members which defines him as a more neutral member of the Collective Council.

Tram is a Mort (just like Nelty) and represents the Canyon Region of Mavenwood. Just over three feet tall this dog lizard is the least intimidating of any on the Collective Council.

Although he is gentle and fair natured, sitting next to King Salizon, he is has been known to side with the ill will members out of intimidation.

These two members of the Collective Council have MS&L’s biggest support with the exception of Randor and Gecko the Great!