Members of the Collective Council Pt.1 – Mayton & Pulley

Mayton is an Artog (much like Lord Zytor) from the Artic Region which he represents on the Collective Council. A very peacefull and understanding character, Mayton acan always be found standing up for what is best and just.  Not always the most outspoken of the SEVEN council members, it is never any wonder what side he stands on.

Pulley is a Chiller (much like Quaker) and comes from the Artic Regions, semi independant state known as The Cold Climate Region to which he represents with pride. He is a perfect pair with Mayton. As Mayton is understanding, Pulley is very compassionate.

The two together are often the driving force for the morals of all things good whenever an issue is brought before The Collective Council.

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