Nazereath is a Terrance Hound who wonders the lands of Castlevania alone. Resembeling a four foot tall huskee with dark strips across his side, Nazereath was once leader of the furoish Terrance Hounds who call the land of Castlevania their home.

Due to Nazereath’s compashion for others he was banned from ever rejoining his pack. Though somewhat intimidating to the first look, MS&L grow quite close to him. Nazereath is one character who goes the extra mile to assure that MS&L are safe while traveling through Castlevania.

Secretly Nazereath dreams of one day becoming one of the NIghts of Zeste’ Dore’ and guard the Collective Counil.

A former member of the forces of evil, Nazereath spend the span of the MS&L Series trying to EARN a place on the side of the good!