The Airwalkers

The Airwalkers (or grouply cald ‘The Clan of the Clouds’) are the origianl race that began on Mavenwood during its formation. They are some what human in form however have pale blue skin, pointed ears and lng bright white hair.

They are the creators of The Doomsday Device.

They left Mavenwood centuries  past due to their inability to maintain peace in Mavenwood, electing not to use the Doomsday Device to end life but left in hopes of peace finding its own way make to the magical world they helped create.

The Heatseeker is believed (by The Collective Council) to be a lone Airwalker forgotten by his people. This has never been proven due to the Heatseekers isolationistic ways in being unable to be located in modern times.

A most peaceful yet discipline civilization, The Airwalkers (Clad of the Clouds) left their everlasting mark on Mavenwoods history books.