Gecko The Great

Gecko the Great is the oldest creature in Mavenwood. He is the last member of the ‘Waffer’ civilization who has died off due to their inability to evolve any further. The surviving Waffer (Magic Rabbit) stands five feet tall, has a soft from fur and wheres a long robe made with every color of the rainbow. He wears a pointed red hat with a yellow tassel hanging down.

Being the eldest, he makes much use of his brass wire rimmed glasses for reading from the many volumes of books he has attained in his lifetime.

He has two long whiskers protruding from his pink button nose and two pointed ears that poke through his red pointed hat.

Gecko the Great is the oldest member Mavenwoods governing body, The Collective Council. Though he has long not been it’s leader his wisdom is sought about all who sit on the council.

It is his knowledge of the past that greatly help M,S&L fight for Mavenwood’s future.