Ebeneezer Hattious

Ebeneezer is the smartest serpant in all of Mavenwood. Having read almost every book throughout the land, Ebeneezer has become quite a brillant character.

He lives within the cave with the Hills of Gainstorm. Alone, he surrounds himself with his books, which he rereads in fear of forgetting somthing. He has the largest collection of books in all of Mavenwood, it even outsizes the library within the Palace of The Collective Council.

MS&L first meet Ebeneezer Hattious while escaping the evil Dry Icers into the Hills of Gainstorm. Upon hearing MS&L’s plite, Ebeneezer directions them, safley, into the Woods of Hationstare by means of a jurney that literally takes there breath away.

Ebeneezer’s knowledge is put to the test in the “Battle for Mavenwood”. He is questionably MS&L’s smartest ally.