The Dark Shadow

The Dark Shadow is an aparition that has no original shape but because of the static charge it gives off, loose dust is drawn to it,  giving it it’s phantom like figure.

The Dark Shadow roams throughout the Black Forest and over powers any who dare to enter. It  has left the Black Forest riddled with stone statues of those who had tried to pass but caught a single glimpse of the spirit and turned to stone instantly.

The Dark Shadow cannot leave the Black Forest and claims the land for its own control. It does not eat nor does it require sleep, it does occasionally stop to regain its static charge when it lowers and loses it dust robe.

The Dark Shadow is the first advesary in the series to truly test MS&L’s test of friendship. The Dark Shadow has only one weakness and that is the sunlight, therefore it remains far away from the outer reaches of the Black Forest but with its ability to sense the whereabouts of those who enter from any area of the forest, those who live in Mavenwood are always sure to stear clear all together.

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